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Alexis René fan page.
The official page is here.
Special thanks to Alexis (follow her), because this fan page would be nothing without her. As well as all of my followers, I love you guys. :) Thanks for the support, everyone! Also, please take the time to check out and maybe follow THIS awesome fan page, as well!


  • Alexis René G. AKA Alexis Ren


  • 11/23/1996.
  • 17.


  • Los Angeles, CA.


  • Model for Nous Model Management.


  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Bust: 32C-32D
  • Shoes: 8.5
  • 33-23-34

Eye/Hair Color:

  • Eye: Brown.
  • Hair: Dark Blonde (dyed lighter).


  • Russian/German.

Official Social Media:


  • Gym 1½ hours each morning followed by a yoga class.
  • Also did ballet for 11 years.
  • Bikram Yoga.
"I try and hit the gym every day; Doing a lot of cardio  Treadmill, stairs..etc) I also go on the floor and do as many sit ups as I can (A bunch of different ab workouts, too). I do Yoga and Pilates. I trained as a Ballet dancer for 10 years." - Alexis

Has she had any surgery/physical changes?

  • She’s only 17, I highly doubt she’s had plastic surgery or altering of any kind, and honestly, she doesn’t need it. She just has a naturally larger bust than most models. She exercises for her body. She does dye her hair though, blonde highlighting I believe. She’s naturally dirty blonde.

Why hasn’t she done HF (high fashion) modeling/runway?

  • I’m not sure she’s tall enough to do runway, that could be the reason why, but from the brands she models for, and the brand she dreams of modeling for (Victoria’s Secret) it seems like she prefers commercial modeling to high fashion. The difference is that commercial modeling is more about the personality and the smiles and leaving a positive image for consumers whereas high fashion, I believe, focuses on the clothes, not so much the models. High fashion embraces a boyish figure (small bust, narrow hips) with a unique (sometimes strange) looking face, while commercial models can have more curves, larger busts, and in my opinion have a more womanly beautiful, natural look. Alexis doesn’t have a strange face or personality, her face is naturally beautiful and friendly, and her personality seems to be charming and sweet. She and her measurements fit commercial modeling more than High Fashion.  

How does she have those measurements/her figure? 

  • Honestly, I believe it has to do with genetics. No matter how hard they try, some people just won’t achieve that body. Some girls are born with wider hips and smaller bone structure, it happens. Don’t look toward someone else’s body to see how yours should look. You’re beautiful just the way you are <3 However, you may be able to slim down by eating healthy foods and exercising like she does! She has said that she goes to the gym for at least an hour daily as well as practicing yoga, but she also trained as a ballet dancer for most of her life, and that may be a huge contributor to her current figure. Her tiny waist is just that, HERS. You don’t need to have that small of a waist to have a beautiful body! A tiny waist just isn’t meant for some women, and that’s not at all a bad thing. 

What brands/companies has she modeled for?

  • Soriya Swim, Forever 21, Kohl’s, Life Without Andy, Lulus, Love Culture, Tobi, Triangl Swim, Pacsun, Us Rags, Puma, Tilly’s, Brandy Melville, Shail K, OnePiece, Raga La, Fox Head, A’GACI, Gooseberry Intimates, Monoreno, Nasty Gal, Flynn Skye, Penta Water and more. The number of brands she models for will only grow, so just ask!

Where does she shop? 

  • I read in a post that she shops at Free People, Planet Blue, Urban Outfitters, etc. From her instagram, it seems she frequently visits thrift shops and flea markets, which can often be great places to find jewelry/accessories.

*insert personal question about Alexis here*

  • I do not know Alexis personally, and personal questions, if she’d even answer them, should be asked to her at her ask blog. However, answers to some questions have been on her instagram in the form of posts, so here are the answers to those:

- she is currently single

- her mother unfortunately passed away from cancer 

- she currently lives with her sisters in an apartment they share together

- she does wish to model for Victoria’s Secret in the future

How can I contact her? How do I talk to her?

  • I’ve never tried to contact her myself so I’m not sure this works, but she does sometimes reply to comments on her social networking sites! However, the more famous she gets the less likely you are to get a reply from her, but it’s not because she doesn’t care! It can be hard to keep in contact with fans with an overbearing schedule. But you can try, there are tons of ways. Her official social media is listed above, so you could try and contact her there!

Do you have any other blogs?

  • Two people run this blog at the moment, Sarah and Lori. Writing this right now is Sarah, and I do have other blogs! I have a fitness blog and a Victoria’s Secret blog. They are here and here, respectively. Any personal questions about myself I’d be willing to answer are answered on the fitness blog and any general modeling questions are answered on the Victoria’s Secret blog. Lori also has a personal blog which she is currently on hiatus for.